Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Fishing

Weakfish were loaded again yesterday. We had fish on almost every stop for most of the running tides. Right out of the inlet we were treated to a mad dog Albie bite for a good hour and a half. Diving birds, bait all over the surface just crazy fishing. The fish were blitzing sand eels and the Albies were very nice size with most fish going over 7 lbs and some as large as 10+ The trick was not chase the birds and fish on top but to jig the deeper fish we marked with sonar, I watched a lot of people come by us in frustration as we hooked up fish after fish. Albies see very well. Light leader and smaller hooks can be a big factor in the amount of hook ups you get.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bluefish and StructureScan

Bluefish blitzed eastward putting on a good show locally I pulled out the fly rod and hooked up and landed a few to 14lbs before my shooting head parted from my fly line! Weakfish were pinned to the bottom and if you get the reads without the yellow eyes, it was mostly small weaks but you could bail them on light jigs. I have been just getting a ton of questions about the Lowrance HDS StructureScan . I will try and post more screen shots as I figure it out some more, So far it has been very easy to find new bottom features.

Downscan of a school of peanut bunker with small weakfish

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wow Lowrance HDS

Lowrance Downscan screen shots from today. This is the tugboat Joan LaRie laying upright in 70 ft of water the seas were 1ft
This shot is a right scan only set at 80 ft the Joan LaRie is clearly visible
The sinking of the Joan LaRie tug